CPI2 - improve environmental performance in supply chains

NEW! Partnership with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)

CPI2 has established a partnership with the world’s most important platform for the sustainable management of textile supply chains, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). The common goal is to create synergies and minimise the negative social and environmental impact in global supply chains.

Both initiatives provide know-how, which manufacturers can use to improve their production processes independently and effectively. The partnership allows CPI2 and SAC to increase the benefit to manufacturers and to brand and trading companies from the textile and footwear sector. Both organisations have their own web-based platform, SAC’s Higg Index and the CPI2 Know-How Tool, each of which complements the other, thereby helping factories to identify areas of action and develop appropriate measures. Manufacturers and trading companies therefore have a comprehensive set of helpful tools at their disposal to gradually reduce harmful environmental effects in their supply chains.

Guidance towards improved
environmental performance



    There are large potentials of improving environmental performance in the supply chain. The use of energy, water and chemicals can be optimized in any factory. For example, 10% of energy and water consumption can be saved by simple measures at no or low costs. Also health and safety standards in chemical use will be improved by systematically making use of CPI2



    CPI2 enables factories to become more energy efficient and reduce their environmental impact. It provides a systematic analysis, concrete guidance and a structured management approach. Progress will not happen over night – CPI2 establishes a process of continuous improvement.



    The price level for electricity, fuels and water is increasing in many regions. Rising prices have a negative impact on production costs of consumer goods. Furthermore, CPI2 helps to minimize risks related to stricter environmental regulations. 



    CPI2 offers retailers and brands an effective instrument to reduce the environmental impact among their suppliers. It creates a path towards excellency of business partners. All suppliers can now be reached at once. Improvements can start straight away. Factories will improve their overall performance. CPI2 enhances the relationship between retailer and supplier. 



    Consumers worldwide are increasingly aware of environmental issues in the supply chain. They demand more responsibility from brands and retailers. CPI2 makes the supply chain more sustainable.

“We bear responsibility towards our customers, our employees and our suppliers, but also towards the generations to come. Energy efficiency and savings are core issues of our sustainable business.”

Dagmar Heuer, Managing Director Sourcing & Purchasing, Ernsting's family

CPI2 has the tools to provide a benefit for factories, retailers and the environment

The "Carbon Performance Improvement Initiative” (CPI2) is an initiative of retailers and brands aiming to be front runners in environmental protection. CPI2 offers a unique, action driven and powerful approach to reduce the environmental impact of products. It supports manufacturers by practical and concrete advice.

Three simple facts:

1. Leverage to reduce environmental impact for a retailer is in the supply chain

2. Many factories face increasing costs as well as regulations and require support 

3. Supply chains are complex - a scalable, professional management tool is needed  

With CPI2, retailers and factories have access to a tool that allows environmental improvements on a global scale for the first time. Combining a systematic analysis with an online approach and a focus on guidance, CPI2 has the power to become a worldwide standard in environmental protection.

CPI2 Award 2015: SHAHI EXPORTS Private Limited, India


SHAHI EXPORTS Private Limited, a producer of high quality woven and knit apparels from Bangalore has won the CPI2 Top Factory Award 2015. Shahi demonstrated an outstanding engagement to improve environmental performance of all processes by using CPI2. The factory implemented technical and management related improvement measures as well, e.g.: 

  • Awareness raising and employee engagement program, e.g. quiz
  • Installation of a steam turbine to generate electricity from waste steam
  • Set-up of condensate recovery
  • Improvements of lighting, especially by using daylight and LED
  • Purchase of electricity from renewable sources
  • Process improvements to re-use sewage waste water
  • Program to evaluate alternative chemicals for washing

Shahi generated savings of US$ 11 500 and 90 t CO2 per year. The taken measures are part of a continuous improvement process of Shahi - the "GREEN Journey". Shahi is an excellent example of reducing the environmental impact by a systematic approach with benefits for the environment and the factory as well. 

Image Source of logo: UNFCCC

CPI2 at United Nations Climate Change Conference in Warsaw

Side Event organized by German Environmental Agency

CPI2 has been presented at the United Nations' Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 19) by Christian Dietrich (Director CPI2). At the panel Jochen Flasbarth (President of Umweltbundesamt), Christoph Bals (Policy Director of German Watch), Nigel Topping (Chief Innovation Officer of Carbon Disclosure Project) and Dr. Johannes Merck (Vice President Corporate Responsibility of Otto Group) discussed climate protection in global supply chains. They agreed strongly that retailers must advocate CO2-reductions among their business partners. There is enormous potential. CPI2 has taken a leading role by providing an action-driven and effective approach.

Click here to see a video of CPI2 at the Climate Change Conference


Improving energy, water and chemical use in the supply chain becomes easy.


Know-how transfer enables factories to take action.


Retailers benchmark suppliers and improve excellence levels.