“We support CPI2 since it allows us to measure environmental effects, and also enables actual, substantial improvements. It creates awareness among our supply chain partners in an innovative way to protect the climate.”

Astrid Schödel, Global Head of Quality Management and Sustainability, s.Oliver

CPI2 leads to better performance

The Carbon Performance Improvement Initiative (CPI2) has created a unique online tool to reduce the environmental impact in factories.


The tool guides factories through an easy online self assessment, allowing a systematic analysis of all relevant processes. Based on the assessment, the tool immediately provides recommendations and guides towards effective improvements.

 At the end, all factories will receive a certificate with an individual rating and a tailor made recommendations report.

More than 200 improvement measures are included, each with implementation guidance, costs, payback times and benefits.

 In addition, more than 100 manuals, calculation tools, hand outs, case studies and best practice examples provide insights, inspiration and motivation to take immediate action.

The cost is only 499 USD – a fraction of what every factory will save!

A glimpse into the CPI2 webtool



    Factories can use the tool via the internet for an easy self assessment. This leads to a systematic, detailed analysis of all relevant processes. The self-assessment automatically identifies areas for improvement. Questions are short and the answering process is easy to complete.



    Based on the results of the self assessment, a factory instantly receives an individual, tailor made set of recommendations. Concrete measures are provided to guide through a suitable improvement process. Each measure includes information on how to implement them, related costs and payback times and benefits. The tool contains more than 300 recommendations for improvement measures!



    CPI2 will give access to a toolbox with more than 150 manuals, calculation tools, templates and info-sheets. Case studies and best practice examples from other companies demonstrate the benefits of measures. The toolbox provides insights, inspiration and motivation to take immediate action.



    Every factory will receive a certificate with an individual rating in gold, silver or bronze. This means a helpful benchmark. The certificate proves the individual commitment. The rating is related to a factory’s excellence level and starts with simple, low or no cost measures on bronze level, leading to advanced measures and best practices on gold level for top performers.

    Are you a top performer?



    An additional benefit is the carbon calculator. It is easy to use. The calculation is based on energy consumption data found on energy bills. This feature is of great help to track the impact of improvements.



    The entire content of the tool is translated into local languages in order to make it as easy as possible for factories. Six languages are already included: English, Chinese, Bangla, Turkish, Vietnamese, Tamil. Further languages will follow.



    The tool also offers value for retailers: a direct link with their supply chain allows to keep track of improvements and performance over time. In this way, CPI2 creates transparency.

Improve environmental performance and become part of the worldwide community!

CPI2 is the ideal tool for your factory. Register today and improve environmental performance immediately!

CPI2 is low cost. Full access to all its features for an entire year is provided for only US$ 499. You will save this amount immediately!

More than 800 factories worldwide use the CPI2 webtool already. Become part of the CPI2 community!